Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What does this mean?

Bombarded by the ever-changing times, I’ve come to realize the importance of asking the right questions. The world has many proposals for restoration, but in the end, it seems we are always struggling in these grey and latter days. I call it the plague of the “only if’s”. Only if the pandemic subsides, my life would be better. Only if civil unrest would end, our world would be better. Only if my present circumstances improve, my life would be better. Throughout these times, I’ve realized that it is so easy to live in the “only if” conditional. Whether it is in the past present or future, this conditional continues to be the fulcrum to which we rise or fall.

It is an important time to sift through it all and ask, “what does this mean?”. Rather being entrenched in the fear and hysteria, it is during this time where we see through the eyes of faith. It is a time to see the landscape as more than just a temporal struggle, but rather discerning that everything flows from the spiritual.

Knowing this, how important it is to be rooted in The Living Word. Short roots flail and soon whither and fade. Long and deep roots endure and even strengthen as the days draw near. This is a time, a critical juncture, to which we must assess the true colors of our faith. Humbly we assess and honestly speaking, we repent.

As Lutherans, we are blessed to have teachings that root us in the Holy Scriptures. We are not dandelions in the wind that wave to and fro by the itching ears of man. Rather, through the teaching of the Small Catechism, we are rooted and equipped for what is ahead. I urge you to never stop reviewing, marking and inwardly digesting what you have learned through the catechism and the Holy Scriptures.

In light of this, beginning in September, we will have a bible series that will answer the pertinent questions of our time. Every Thursday at 10am on Facebook live, we will answer the great Lutheran question, “What does this mean?” I highly encourage you to take the time and make this class part of your day. And yes, if you are unable to attend, I pray that you will set aside time, whether it be later in the day or in the week, and make it a part of your schedule. It will be archived and available for you. I pray that everyone at FLC will listen and take notes as we walk together [how important it is to walk together] rooted in His Word. Now is the time to renew the roots as we reside in what is true and eternal.

Also, use this study as an opportunity to invite your family, friends, neighbors, loved ones, co-workers, and anyone that needs to hear the truth in the midst of these ever-challenging times. It is difficult to reconcile in what has become a confusion-riddled time. Yet, the Lord’s Word clarifies and points everyone to the truth. So invite everyone you know. Who wouldn’t want to know the truth?

So join me as we walk together as a church. Learning and discovering, reviewing and renewing the word of God as He answers the question, “What does this mean?”

See you there! 

✝️ Pastor Jeong

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