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Saturday, January 8, 2022

The Better Things

One of the greatest joys as a Pastor is to see the metaphorical light bulbs bursting before your eyes. Seeing someone learn and receive the Word of Christ is my greatest joy. Of course, this is of no surprise as His Word is living and active stronger than any double-edged sword. Yet, it shall always be the greatest joy to teach the better things of God. Studying the bible, reviewing the catechism, hearing the preached Word of Christ and receiving the sacraments are the better things to which we cling.

Though we speak in this way, yet in your case, beloved, we feel sure of better things-things that belong to salvation. Hebrews 6:9

The writer warns the Hebrews of apostasy yet encourages them with better things: the very things that belong to salvation. For it is salvation which illumines and “light bulbs” our hearts and minds to Christ and His Word. Yet, like the Hebrews, how easy it is to become sluggish and complacent in the life of faith. For no one is immune to this temptation of being dulled to the Word. So dulled we become that when hearing the words, “Go to church”, or “come to bible study” it becomes a burdensome option rather than a joyous necessity.

For our Old Adam says, “Oh I’m too busy”, “I have too many things to do” and if we finally relent, we may begrudgingly say, “Ok, I guess, I have to do this...”

This is the question one ought to ask, what is your top priority? Or what do you hold to the highest regard? Is it the idols of this world? Is it the priorities of the fallen flesh? What are the better things for you?

The better things are of God alone. And thus, as we begin the new year, I pray that you attend church and bible study week in and week out. Not simply because it is a matter of “doing” but rather receiving the gifts: the better things of God. The other day as I was teaching an adult instruction class, one of the students said, [in regards to the Word] “this is the best thing! There is no other place I’d rather be on Sunday morning than here in God’s Word”. So true a statement this is for each and every one of us!

Therefore, as a church, it is very important that we continue to walk and have fellowship together in the better things. Actually, the best thing and that is, God and His Word. If you find yourself missing Sunday service, or if you haven’t been to one of our bible studies [Sunday and/or Wednesdays] in a while, it’s never too late. Come to church and attend bible study week in and week out because here we dwell upon the better things of God. The very things that are rooted in Christ: eternal life, forgiveness and salvation!

As we begin the New Year, we also begin a new curriculum for Sunday School. I highly encourage you to not only to attend church and bible study but also to have your children participate in our Sunday school. These are the building blocks for your children as God shapes them in His Word.

Indeed, the better things in Christ alone.

May you enjoy the season of Epiphany!

✝️ Pastor Jeong

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