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Friday, April 7, 2023

Passing On To The Next Generation

An excerpt from the Mission of Higher Things: make the Gifts of Christ Jesus known to youth and young adults. Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, was crucified for your sins and raised for your forgiveness, and the forgiveness, life, and salvation He won for you on Good Friday and Easter are delivered right to you in His Holy Spirit-filled Word and Sacraments. This is the heart and soul of our preaching, teaching, and worship because this is the full substance of the entire Christian faith. Jesus died, Jesus rose, Jesus delivers FOR YOU.

Jesus’ salvation, won and delivered, is for all people of all nations, and Higher Things believes that this is regardless of age group. For over 20 years, we have been blessed by God to assist in delivering Jesus’ cross-won, empty-tomb-certain salvation to thousands of youth and young adults through our summer conferences, regional retreats, and digital resources. We are humbled to assist the local congregations, their pastors, parents, and youth leaders as we do the same thing they do: delivering Jesus through His Word and Gifts.

By the Spirit’s working upon us, we rejoice wholeheartedly in the completely free salvation and forgiveness that Jesus won for us, delivers to us and also delivers through us to others. By the Holy Spirit’s working upon us through Christ’s Word and Gifts, He enlivens us to go about our work of passing on to the next generation what we believe, teach, and confess about Jesus and what He has done for each of us and for all.

I always look upon our youth and ask, “how can we equip them for the world?”. Yes, many will look at the world and its ever-changing times and rush to apprehension and even fear wondering how this world will be in five, ten or even twenty years. Yes, I suppose these concerns have their place, yet how much more urgent it is to equip our children for what is to come. Yes, the greatest equipping is through the Word. Bible study after bible study, social media devotion after social media devotion, all is geared towards the equipping of the faithful. Therefore, it is very important to teach our children the truth in Christ and provide them constant equipping opportunities to prepare them to be lights of Christ to the World. To prepare them to be bold in the faith, to stand steadfast in the words of Christ and to assuredly rest in the promises of the Gospel and the Sacraments.

I am excited for the conference this summer “Higher Things: Beyond Reasonable Doubt” [July 25-28th San Antonio, Texas] because equipping in the Word will be done. The children will attend many worship services and seminars that will provide the “meat and potatoes” of their faith. And through the Word, the Holy Spirit will equip, sustain, renew and strengthen our youth in the one true faith. How important this is for our children to have the “tool belt” prepared as they engage the culture and live boldly in Christ Jesus.

I encourage each and every one of you to pray for our youth.

• Pray that the Lord grant them wisdom and faith in Christ alone.

• Pray that the Lord’s word will equip them to stand boldly in the faith.

• Pray that the Lord will grant them eternal peace and rest in His promises.

• Pray for their safety as they travel to and from Texas

Have a blessed April

✝️ Pastor Jeong

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