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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

May 2016

There will be a Congregational Meeting on May 1, 2016 at 9:15am between Early and Late Services to consider and approve recommendations from the Council and Elders on how to move forward with the Call Process. Those recommendations are:
  • Call Committee consisting of:
    • Five members from the Congregation
    • Alternates members to serve in the event a Member cannot serve
    • Members from Leadership Team
      • Dave Anderson (Elders)
      • Dave Maulding (Vice – President)
  • The Committee will solicit inputs from the Congregation to update the following documents that were used in the previous Call Process:
    • Desirable Pastoral Characteristics
    • Vision Statement
    • Goals
    • 5 Year Plan
  • The Committee will serve as a liaison with the Congregation, District, and pastoral candidates.
  • The Committee will summarize information from the District and distribute to the Congregation.
  • The Leadership will contact Pastor Stoterau and engage a Vacancy Pastor.
    • Until a Vacancy Pastor is available, we will continue with pulpit supply from local sources.
  • We will proceed with a Call from the field by November.
  • If the Call from the field is unsuccessful, we will request that Pastor Stoterau search for a suitable Seminarian from the Class of 2017.
This is an extraordinarily important Congregational Meeting. Please plan to attend. If you cannot be present, you are encouraged to make your opinions and concerns known by contacting a member of the Leadership Team. You must be present to vote.

As we move forward with the Call Process, please keep the Church, the Leadership Team, and the Call Committee in your prayers asking God that His will be done.

The full newsletter can be found here:

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