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Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014

I am always amazed by our church. Not the building, so much (though, you have to admit, there is a sort of humble beauty about this place), but the people. You. I am very grateful for you. But, I am also amazed.

We had Vacation Bible School this past week. It was incredible. But, I must confess, that the weeks leading up to VBS stress me out. Organizational leadership is not a description that shows up on my strength finders inventory. I get stressed about whether or not we'll have enough teachers, whether or not we'll have enough kids, if the decorations will look right, and if the material will be entertaining enough to capture the attention of the kids while at the same time faithfully proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. I am fully aware that I have no need to stress. But, that doesn't stop me! The stress for VBS comes whether I like it or not.

And so does VBS itself. Every year. But, then, so do you: the church! When you show up, my stress ushers itself out the door! I am amazed how wonderful our church works together on VBS. Everything comes together perfectly. The right people are always teaching and leading in the right places. Despite all the stress and anxiety I have leading up to VBS, everything runs smoothly. It is a well-oiled machine.

That is because of you! You volunteers who give of your time and energy to bless the kids. You people of God who pray for the week and all who participate. You who bring your children to this place where they will hear God's Word and observe what He does through His people. Your hard work and dedication are a blessing to the kids, the church, and to me.

This is how it is in God's church when we give of ourselves for the sake of God's kingdom. It is remarkable how Christ works through us as His instruments as He spreads His reign through our words and works. This past week, we saw Jesus use a number of our members as instruments in the building of His kingdom at VBS. But, maybe you weren't apart of VBS. That's okay, because no matter where you were this week, God was at work through you as well. He worked through you at your job to make the world a better place. He worked through you in your family in order to show them His love. God has placed you in a number of relationships so that He can work through you for the sake of your neighbors! God works through us in ways we don't even see! We ought to be amazed!

As you go about your week, remember the great truth that you are one of God's instruments in this world. Remember that He is working through you for the betterment of His creation. And, remember His great love for you in Jesus Christ that never ends and continues to strengthen you to do His will.

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped with VBS this past week! I cannot fully express the joy you give me as your pastor. I thank God for you!

Pastor Bob

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