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Friday, July 1, 2011

July 2011

Recently while I was in Denver on vacation, I was looking through the newsletter from Stephanie's grandparent's congregation. Their pastor included a list of times when to and when not to call the pastor. I thought it would be a very helpful thing to include this month just so that you know I am here to pray with you and for you and to listen and talk with you. So, here is my list of when to and when not to call the pastor:

Call the Pastor when...

  • You are going into the hospital.
  • You need prayers of any kind.
  • You are struggling with family problems, personal sins, or difficult circumstances.
  • You have a theological/Biblical question.
  • You have a question/comment about the sermon or Bible class.
  • You have a question about the church and what is going on around this crazy place!
  • You know of someone who is interested in baptism, communion, or marriage.
  • You liked my tie.

Don't call the Pastor when...

  • You disliked my tie.
  • You are set to gossip.
  • You know the Broncos are on TV and you have a question about taxes.
  • You have a question about taxes.
  • It is 3:30 am and you have a question about taxes (I am just not good when it comes to money).

Basically, I want you to know that my door is open and I am here for you. Please feel free to get in touch with me when you need to. Know that there are many things I am just not that well read in (like taxes). But, I am here with an open ear to listen and an open Bible to proclaim!

Centro Cristiano Moorpark July Ministry Update

Praise the Lord! Forty people attended our Guitar Recital held on Saturday, May 28. Seven students from our Wednesday night Guitar Class shared a song that they learned in our weekly class. A Fellowship Meal followed the recital and the families expressed how proud they are of their students and how grateful they are for the classes.
Our Wednesday night Guitar Classes are followed by a Bible Study / Lay Leader Training Class and the students are asking very important questions about Jesus and they are growing every week in their faith.

On Saturday, we continue to have ESL classes at 4pm and then a Family Worship at 5:30pm. Most of the ESL students stay for the worship and fellowship time.

We are looking forward to joining Faith Lutheran Church with the Vacation Bible School to be held in July. We will be having an Adult Class every evening of the Bible School as well as helping with the activities with the children. We will be inviting Hispanic families to join this wonderful program.

Please keep our ministries in your prayers as we seek to reach new families with God's love and grace. Thank you for all your support of our ministries in Moorpark as well as the Hispanic Ministries and our Bible Institute in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

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